BIG STAND UP concert. Guram Amaryan and others

19 May 2019, Sun. 19:00
from 6.67 EUR
from 6.67 EUR

About event

Why go to the Big Stand Up?

1. Resident Big Stand Up from Comedy Club Production
2. Humor that knows no limitsй
3. You can relax, laugh heartily and get pleasant memories.я

A stand up show is a humor that knows no limitations, and ironic monologues about themselves, the surrounding reality, and pressing problems that are close to all of us. .

In Ukraine, the stand-up is actively developing, and this time some of the most famous stand-designers in the entire CIS come.

The popular comedian of the STAND UP project from Comedy Club Production is Guram Amaryan! Guram Amaryan positions himself as the first Yezidi stand-up comedian. As he himself notes: “The main theme for the speeches at the moment is the topic of Caucasians. I also write about my Yezidi people. I want to talk about it. We have such a small people, about which no one knows anything, and we have so many different traditions. I live in this, in two cultures. I see a huge difference in this and when I tell people, it shocks people. ”

Today, the stand-up genre is especially popular. And the secret is that comedians from the stage share their thoughts and emotions with the audience. They joke about standard life situations that everyone knows. Moreover, there are no taboo topics for them.

You can relax, laugh heartily and get pleasant impressions from the concert, because laughter is the best rest! Such an evening awaits the audience on the BIG STAND UP from Guram Amaryan!

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