LARGE STAND UP: IRA P Prihodko and Pasha Grandfathers

27 October 2019, Sun. 19:00
from 8.00 EUR
from 8.00 EUR
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Why is it worth going to the Big Stand Up?

1. Resident of Big Stand Up from Comedy Club Production
2. Humor that knows no limits
3. You can relax, laugh heartily and get pleasant memories

The Stand Up show is a humor that knows no limits, and ironic monologues about ourselves, surrounding reality and pressing issues that are close to all of us.

Irina Prikhodko is the most famous (and almost the only) girl in the Belarusian stand-up. Ira skillfully demonstrated her ability to joke sharply and with taste at the Open Microphone and Pozharka projects on TNT television channel. And this girl boldly and boldly, and most importantly, ridiculously “fried” not one star of showbiz. And her stand-up recipe is simple: “You don’t have to go far: just remember life situations that amuse you or, on the contrary, annoy you: that is, which you see a paradox. And I try to look for the funny in many different aspects of life. But I like jokes about my boyfriend the most. ”

Pavel Dedishchev is a chic comedian with his own unique style, a participant in the TNT-projects "StandUp Show" and "Roasting". The sense of humor of this artist is unlimited. So subtly and multifaceted joke about life can not everyone. Pasha will be happy to share his interesting observations and life stories in which everyone recognizes himself and his friend.