Bones (TeamSESH, USA)

26 March 2021, Fri. 20:00
HC Hall Kyiv, pr Vyzvolyteliv 1, Kyyiv
from 23.33 EUR
from 23.33 EUR
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Bones (TeamSESH, USA) in Kyiv - photo #1 bones-teamsesh-usa_hc-hall_080620202000_79
Bones (TeamSESH, USA) in Kyiv - photo #2 bones-teamsesh-usa_hc-hall_080620202000_962
Bones (TeamSESH, USA) in Kyiv - photo #3 bones-teamsesh-usa_hc-hall_080620202000_349
Bones (TeamSESH, USA) in Kyiv - photo #4 bones-teamsesh-usa_hc-hall_080620202000_155

About event

Attention! Concert postponed to 03/26/2021

Why is it worth a visit?

1. Bones - the father of cloud rap.
2. The antihero of modern hip-hop.
3. An occasion to experience a cloudy atmosphere.

Booking Machine presents:

Bones returns to Europe

This May promises to be cold and cloudy - the mystical character of modern hip-hop Bones will give 23 concerts as part of the Scumbag tour. TeamSESH, your time has come!