BONEY M Melodies

16 February 2019, Sat. 19:00
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from 5.76 EUR
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Only FRANK FARIAN hits from “BONEY M Melodies”

As it is impossible to tell the story of rock and roll without the Beatles, it is also unthinkable to imagine the development of the disco music genre without a decade of “Boney M.”. The first song, recorded in 1974 by German musician Frank Farian, who experimented with a new style, started the explosive success of the legendary group. During the years of creativity, the band members released 9 albums and sold about 200 million copies of singles, which was noted in the Guinness Book of Records. This achievement has not been surpassed until now.

The key figure in the group’s biography was Frank Farian. At birth, the future producer “Boney M.” got the name Franz Reuter, but in his youth, in the wake of his passion for American rock and roll, he changed it to a pseudonym. By the time the famous quartet was created, Farian had already gained experience in forming and conducting activities of collective projects, but he did not think about launching a new group. He was interested in his own creativity and experiments with only the nascent disco style.

The result of one of the experiments was the recording in December 1974 of the composition “Baby Do You Wanna Bump?”. The basis of the dance hit was the popular “Al Capone” melody in Jamaica. The German listeners also liked the song, and Boney M. — Farian took this pseudonym — was sprinkled with invitations to perform at concerts and on television.

In any country in the world, everyone knows the songs of Boney M.

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