Defective people

11 September 2020, Fri. 19:00
from 9.33 EUR
from 9.33 EUR
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Why is it worth going to the play "Defective People"?

1. Evaluate a progressive directorial approach.
2. Make sure that an understatement is sometimes more significant than a hundred words.
3. Balance on the brink with the heroes.

Defective People is a dynamic and very specific comedy of the Golden Gate Theater.

Its author is Vasily Sigarev. Directed by Stas Zhirkov. At first, it seems that the plot is built on the principle of a traditional love triangle.

But, delving into the history of the heroes, the viewer is convinced that these relations are not so simple. Stas Zhirkov manages to maintain a fragile balance of sympathies in the audience, not allowing us to give preference to one of the participants in the events described. Hence - and the incredible versatility of the unusual story of the heroine Tamara.

The performance is so dynamic that you can feel its pulse. The viewer carefully catches every gesture, every word or look of the actors, fearing to miss some detail. Laughter, tears, replacing each other, give rise to a variety of situations on the stage. But they all add up to a clear plot.

There are many fragmentary thoughts and innuendos in the play. It happens in everything. But instead of words, actors use emotions that tell you a lot more. The roles are performed by: Sergey Korshikov, Alexey Nagrudny and Irina Tkachenko.