29 November 2018, Thu. 09:00
Boulevard Hotel Baku, Tagiyev Hall Baku, Khagani Rustamov St. 4C
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from 81.82 EUR


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BRANDFATHER – an international event for business owners, marketers, and startups. Profound brand technique - that was successfully used for more than two hundred brands in ten markets - structurally dissected by the author himself. Useful for everyone who wants to learn how to create brands.

You will learn how to get hold of your marketing, avoid typical mistakes and turn your brand into a legend. For new brands, this information is simply priceless, but established companies shouldn’t let themselves fall into the misconception that the struggle is over. You see, it takes all the running you can do, to keep in the same place. If you want to get somewhere else, you must run at least twice as fast as that!

- Straighten out your marketing, define who you are and how you differ from the competitors
- Make a leap from the chaotic advertising campaigns to the systematic brand management
- Achieve constant growth and make your business’ advocates from your employees


1. How to live = what to buy
- People, their life, their attitude, and what to do about it
- New heroes and how to become one
- I know → I want → I pay. Model AIDA

2. Be different!
- Strategy = idea. How to find your unique idea

3. BrandFather
- Types of business owners
- Why BrandFather?
- Take the test
- Do you really need a marketing director? (yes!)

4. Good case
- Ups and downs of brands like Ostankino, Daddy can, Sosiska.Ru

5. Consumer
- Research is a key
- 8 sources of truthful information about the consumer
- How to look for insights. Good and bad examples

6. Strategy
- Price – value
- 5 levels of a brand’s uniqueness
- How to make a creative breakthrough
- Simple tools for creativity

7. Common strategies
- You can choose a common strategy and fill it with meaning.
We'll figure out how to do it.

8. Brand Experience
- Satisfaction = Result – Expectation
- Overdelivery vs Overpromise

About the speaker:
Andriy Fedoriv is an owner of FEDORIV and FEDORIV HUB - independent creative company combined with a unique public multimedia space. He is the youngest winner of the Trace in Advertising award for personal contribution to the development of the advertising market (2007), the author of the BrandFather educational project and the FEDORIV VLOG - YouTube business advocacy vlog. Today he is growing his business in a new office in Berlin.

About the company:
FEDORIV is working with companies in more than 15 countries; from Germany, Norway and Switzerland to Saudi Arabia and Singapore. The company has received three Red Dot Awards, FWA, awwwards and iF Design Award. In 2018 FEDORIV opened a representative office in Berlin and became an international company.

Location: Academie Lounge - 360° Eventlocation
City: Berlin
Country: Germany
Address: Köthener Str. 44
Phone: +49 30 91499052

The partners of the tour are Mercedes-Benz Ukraine, Turkish Airlines, Hennessy and Panasonic Ukraine.

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