16 August 2018, Thu. 22:00
from 7.33 EUR
from 7.33 EUR


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Great summer concert of Brazzaville in Odessa!

This year, its 20th anniversary is celebrated by legendary travelers and hopeless romantics from the Brazzaville group. In connection with this event, the musicians announced the holding of their anniversary tour, concerts of which promise to become real events for the fans of the band all over the world.

Brazzaville is an American indie rock band founded by former saxophonist Beck (Beck), David Brown in 1997. The creation of the group is like a traveler's diary. Collecting impressions around the world, artists successfully embody the beauty seen in their works. Musicians constantly experiment, improve and with each new concert deserve recognition in every corner of the globe. Brazzaville is "world music" in the full sense of the word, as it is an ideal soundtrack for travel. Each song is the story of the team's journey under the leadership of its permanent captain - soloist David Brown. By the way, David's dream is to go to the port cities of the world on a self-built cargo ship full of friendly groups, musicians, dancers.

Brazzaville is the rare case when the work of the group receives a positive evaluation not only from ordinary listeners, but also from professionals in the music business. The well-known Russian music critic Artemy Troitsky wrote: "Since the days of Jim Morrison and DOORS there was not in America a group more romantic than BRAZZAVILLE David Brown." This phrase has become key and has repeatedly been repeated by various media - ranging from local newspapers and magazines to central TV channels around the world.

In the post-Soviet space Brazzaville became widely known after the release of cover versions of the cult songs "Star Called Sun" - "Star by the Sun" of the group "Cinema", "Green Eyed Taxi" - "Green Eye Taxi" by Oleg Kvashi, "Clouds in Camarillo" recorded jointly with the Russian group "Minerva". The real hit was the song "Mistress", recorded in 2013 with Zemfira for her project The Uchpochmack.

What will David and his team see when they look back? 11 albums and 2 collections of hits, distributed by a million copies, more than 1200 concerts played in 22 countries, hundreds of thousands of kilometers of tours and thousands of autographs distributed? Yes, all this, but above all, a huge number of friends, in love with the music of Brazzaville and at every concert of this amazing team, it feels that this love is mutual.

The sea of ​​romance, all-favorite favorite songs Brazzaville and close communication with the legendary musicians are waiting for you on August 16 in Odessa at a big summer concert in the club "Beachnik".

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