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Be happy!

8 March 2024, Fri. 17:00-19:00
Theater of the young spectator Odesa, Street Grecheskaya, 48а
from 200 ₴
from 200 ₴

About event

This could happen only in Odessa!

Deribasivska, Privoz, NEP, Yiddish, love - only in Odessa all these words and names become different sides of the same adventure. It will be an incredible story about love, about folklore, about fish cutlets, about a knife sharpener, about a new economic policy, about criminal investigation and most importantly - about Yiddish, of course!

Because of this language, which was spoken by a third of Odessa in the last century, this amazing love story happened. And this story is connected with the building where you will see this performance. Because the Odesa State Jewish Theater has been operating here since 1930. In 2020, this theater would be as old as the Odesa Theater of the Young Spectator. How could our theater be left out?

Therefore, let love live and go!