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19 May 2019, Sun. 12:00
from 1.33 EUR
from 1.33 EUR

About event

Why go to the play "Buka"?

1. The kids are waiting for funny adventures in the company of friendly characters.
2. In the form of a game, young viewers will be told how important it is to have good friends.
3. A trip to the theater (perhaps the first) will be a pleasant and rewarding pastime for your child.

We invite all-all to take part in the good and fascinating tale-game "Buka"! Hurry up and have fun with resilient gnomes, as well as funny Squirrel, Bear and Wolf. Noisy company will show how to have fun and be sure to amuse the sad Bunny Buku.

The squirrel will offer the kids to play with balloons. Bear will show how to collect honey. And when friends save Buk from the Wolf, the Bunny will understand how real friends are necessary for everyone in life.

See you!

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