12 September 2018, Wed. 13:00
Odessa Regional Puppet Theater Odessa, street Pasteur, 15
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from 1.04 EUR
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About event

Why is it worth going to the play Buka?

1. It will be very interesting for the children to watch how disrespectful Buka turns into a kind and polite Zaychonka.
2. Thanks to the performance, small viewers will understand that it is much more pleasant to be kind and cheerful than to offend others.
3. On the example of the behavior of animals, it is best to explain to children how to be friendly and attentive.

We invite all the children, together with their parents, grandparents, to an interesting and instructive idea of ​​the whimsical bunny called Buka.

How rude and displeased everyone is, this bunny! Of course, for this he is called Buka. But thanks to the good animals - Belochka and Bear - our hero will be able to change for the better. A funny uncle will play with his friends and two clowns. Together they will re-educate the bully. And Buka will turn into a polite and kind Zaychonka.

See you!