14 February 2019, Thu. 19:00
Odessa Regional Philharmonic Odessa, st. Bunin, 15
from 9.09 EUR
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from 9.09 EUR
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About event

Why go to Boombox concert?

1. Hear live favorite tracks.
2. Recharge a rabid drive at a band performance.
3. Enjoy their unique genre - "from hip-hop to rock and back."

These guys can be easily recognized from the first sung line... Boombox is one of the most popular and interesting bands in Ukraine.

The team plays hip-hop, funk, rock, while not indulging in the pleasure of mixing other musical directions. The group was created in 2004 in the capital by Andrey Khlyvnyuk, who at that time was the vocalist of the “Grafіt” band, and the guitarist of the “Tartak” band Andrey Samoylo.

The following year, their debut collection "Melomania" was released. After him, 5 full-fledged albums were recorded, three singles and many hits, among which are “People”, “Be yourself”, “Polina”, “Watchmen”, “Naodintsi”, “Kvіti y Volosі”... At that The group's compositions shot almost three dozen clips!

Andrey Khlyvnyuk is the frontman of Boombox, as well as one of the most talented and charismatic musicians of the country. He is not only the vocalist of the group, but also the author of the lyrics. Khlyvnyuk repeatedly won the Yuna Award in the nomination "Best author of words." The performer is also known as a jury member of the popular TV show "X-factor".

February 14 is a great occasion to make a gift not only for your loved ones, but also for yourself! Spend Valentine's Day at Boombox concert! We are waiting for you in the Odessa Philharmonic. This memory will definitely stay with you for a long time.