To be or not to be good for everyone

5 October 2019, Sat. 13:00
House of Cinema Kyiv, Saksaganskogo Street, 6
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from 60.67 EUR
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About event

Since childhood, society imposes on us the so-called norms and rules of behavior in society, trying to make us comfortable to control our consciousness. What do we end up with and turn into whom?

The purpose of the master class: Teach yourself to accept, getting rid of the complexes and stereotypes, to relieve tension through conscious changes in the usual patterns of behavior.

Key issues for discussion:
- what it means to be perfect or perfect and whether they should be;
- How to allow yourself to look stupid or ridiculous, without fear of external evaluation and rejection;
- how to learn to say NO;
- what fears do with us: loneliness, death, poverty, insolvency, illness - how to learn to cope with them in order to always remain in the resource;
- psychosomatics of fears;
- the position of the “conciliator”: how to learn to defend their own opinions;
- what are the consequences of accumulated discontent;
- how to learn to express your feelings (anger, resentment, irritation, aggression) in a careful form;
- why life without recognition of one’s own and those of others leads to internal chaos;
- why being yourself means being healthy.

The target audience:
Anyone who wants to live their unique life, always staying in the resource.