Butterfly - Forbidden colors

27 April 2019, Sat. 18:00
Palace of Culture «Molodizhnyi» Mariupol, Kharlampiivska Str., 17/25
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The play is part of the theatrical program [Startup] Gogolfest 2019.

Butterfly - Colori Proibiti (Italy) is a unique ballet tragedy from the Italian director Monika Casade and the Compagnia Artemis Danza, created through the combination of Yukio Mishima's "Forbidden Colors" drama and classics of the Italian Madame Butterfly's opera Giacomo Puccini.

Yukio Mishima - is not the most famous Japanese writer and playwright in the world who gained equally recognition both of his works and of the extravagant style of life and death.

Giacomo Puccini is called the last major operatic composer. Maestro had an impeccable sense of theater, believing that the music of the opera, as well as its action, must necessarily be a single whole and subject to the single design of the work. His "Madame Butterfly" is an opera about an unrealizable love of a Japanese girl to an American officer.

Monika Kasaday is immersed in the lyrical worlds of Yukio Mishima and Giacomo Puccini, and carries characters, themes and archetypes to measure contemporary dance. The action is bright and restrained at the same time, deeply connected with the samurai tradition and at those times when the observance of the promise was part of the ethical code and morality.

This action creates a connection between heroine Puccini and the author of "Forbidden Colors" by Yukio Mishima. The latter committed suicide in 1970 through ritual seppuku practice during a live television show. These are two different stories that occur in one system of values.

Orchestral repertoire of Puccini contrasts with electronic tracks by composer Luke Vianini. In the apocalyptic sound space only Madame Butterfly's voice sounds. The sound penetrates deeply into the interior, until a brutal and powerful explosion occurs, which destroys all consciences and all hopes.

Madame Butterfly waits, being in the absolute and abstract space-time scene, in an unstable equilibrium, but at the same time she is firmly attached to absolute values.

The gap between expectations and reality is so deep and terrible that Madame Butterfly is forced to make a decisive gesture - Kharakiri, which is so devastating and dangerous that it can be compared to a silent explosion, with the tragedy of Hiroshima.

The worn scene left by the dancers is the place where Kharakiri takes place, the majestic and heroic form of death. This is not the body, but the conscience that is cut off by the sword. A sword that reduces the connection between themselves and the unacceptable reality. The expectation movement and the fatal act are the path to the preservation of spirituality and deep value. Acts of purity, when a man, in contradiction with the present, reacts to frustration with the loss of freedom to life - an inexorable gesture that destroys any form of existence.
"Butterfly - Colori Proibiti" is an emotionally and austerely powerful opportunity to plunge into a complex world of confrontation of the Man with his own convictions.

Team Compagnia Artemis Danza:
Choreography, light, costumes - Monika Kasaday
Music - Giacomo Puccini
Original music - Luca Vianini
The air dance is Elena Anne
Assistants of Production and Choreography - David Thalyavini,
Assistants of choreorthophy and stuntman - Antonio Bisiri
Production - Compagnia Artemis Danza / Monica Casadei In cooperation with Fondazione Toscana Spettacolo Onlus, Fondazione Teatro Verdi in Pisa
In cooperation with Comune di Cortona, Teatro Signorelli, with the assistance of the Ministero per i Beni e le Attività Culturali, Regione Emilia Romagna-Assessorato under Cultura

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