15 June 2020, Mon. 20:00
Green Theater Kyiv, Park Road, 2
from 31.67 EUR
from 31.67 EUR
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BLACK VEIL BRIDES in Kyiv - photo #2 BLACK VEIL BRIDES у Києві афіша
BLACK VEIL BRIDES in Kyiv - photo #3 BLACK VEIL BRIDES у Києві квитки

About event

BLACK VEIL BRIDES in Kyiv! We are waiting for you on June 15 at 20:00 at the Green Theater.

Why is it worth going to the Black Veil Brides show in kyiv?

1. To hear live unique team.
2. To rate the tracks from the new mini-album.
3. To become a part of the best traditions of modern glam rock.

Black Veil Brides go to Kyiv to play new songs

Black Veil Brides can no doubt be considered a unique team. They changed glam rock, making it an impressive sight. This fact guarantees the band a steady growth of fans for several years in a row. And Black Veil Brides go to Kyiv to play new songs for a huge base of Ukrainian fans.

10 million followers on all social networks. Over half a billion video views on YouTube. Four exact hits in the top 20 of the main Billboard album chart. The success that guitar artists can now only dream of is either you make the most commercial sound, or play for your friends.

Black Veil Brides in some unbelievable way was lucky not only not to “get a hold of oneself”, but also to remain faithful to the genre and images that they chose at the beginning of their careers: classic glam rock with long patches and painted faces.

Sooner or later, the formula for success must be changed for the common good. In November, the band released the mini-album The Night, which consists of two tracks - Saints Of The Blood and The Venegance. They not only represent the best musical aspects of Black Veil Brides, but also present a new release promotion strategy.

To be honest, when you play for a long time in the same band, and released a bunch of albums, minions and other things, then you want to try a new one. Two-track singles - this is the model that suits us completely. You spend a lot of energy on the album. And so we constantly delight fans with new material. - Says the frontman of the band Andy Biersack.

The new tracks, according to the band, refer to the beginning of Black Veil Brides, but in the future there will be more experiments on sound:

When we worked on The Night, a pleasant feeling of nostalgia swept over us. These are those songs with the sound that we like, but we have not played in it for a long time. But along with this, we always rejoice when we return to something like this in creativity. - Andy Biersack thinks.

In addition, this format will help Black Veil Brides not to stay in the studio and increasingly go on tour, gaining new experiences. Who knows: maybe next year in Kyiv they will come up with the most important song?

Where to buy tickets for the Black Veil Brides SHOW IN KYIV?

You can buy tickets for BLACK VEIL BRIDES at online. And also place an order with delivery by courier or pick up an order on letterhead at our nearest ticket office (on the eve of the event, these methods become unavailable).

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