CEC 30

08 June - 27 July 2019 09:00
from 360.00 EUR
from 360.00 EUR


CEC 30 in Kyiv - photo #1 ЦЕХ 30 у Києві
CEC 30 in Kyiv - photo #2 ЦЕХ 30 у Києві афіша
CEC 30 in Kyiv - photo #3 ЦЕХ 30 у Києві квитки

About event

Why is it worth visiting CES 30?

1. A fundamental change in your environment to the environment of high-income entrepreneurs.
2. 82% of the program participants increase their program profit by 2 times.
3. You will fall into the largest community of entrepreneurs in the CIS (more than 2.4 million entrepreneurs).

CES 30 is 8 classes on Saturdays from 9.00 to 21.00

1. The point of application of effort.
Understand why you specifically engage in what project or niche to develop. Start writing daily reports so that you and others can evaluate your development. Put yourself a point B. Make yourself a strategy of passing the shop and earn a non-standard way your first 10 thousand, and maybe more. Divide into tens, hundreds, regiments and all of this will be played in competitive competitive dynamics.

2. Packing.
Redistribute your site, Landing, profiles in social networks or create them from scratch. Identify the benefits of your business. Make a unique trading offer - an offshore. Why you need to buy it from you right now. Prepare letter templates and advertisements.

3. Strategies and goals
Why did you come to CEA at all, what are you going to do? Make yourself a hundred goals for several years. Live in my head in the morning three years later. Make the first steps to buying an artifact - that you have long wanted to buy. Think of a charity project that will light you up and give energy.

4. Traffic
Learn to generate leads through contextual advertising (Google Adwards), targeting (Facebook, Instagram), Google Advertising Network, CPA Networks, and more. We will show you more than 100 sites where you can locate and get your target customers.

5. Sales
Learn to process applications from a site or from social networks. Immediately start selling them both personally and through managers. Work calls, sales scripts, conversation analysis. Make transcriptions of conversations and find your weaknesses in sales. Understand how the customer moves through the sales funnel to make car sales. In the end, you build the right sales department.

6. Scale and philosophy
How to scale? Get an understanding of the appointment of an entrepreneur. Pass a new point of effort. Work a business development strategy for a year, five and a hundred years. Understand how to transfer business to inherit, so that it does not fall.

7. People
Get an understanding of the extraordinary importance of the human factor. Make the vacancies described and place them correctly. Have interviews to find the right people in the team. Get a set of useful contacts (programmers, designers, marketers, analysts, lawyers, officials, etc.) and finally leave the operations and be able to delegate the authority to deal directly with the development.

8. Management
Run processes for ordering and organizing. Describe your key business process. Conduct a workshop in the required format. Make a list of events and the first steps to legalize activities (registration of legal entities, correct reception and withdrawal of money, basic accounting issues). Find out the factors that influence the outcome: prices, tax regime, bonuses and salaries, direct and indirect costs, etc.

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