12 - 13 October 2018 22:00
Pochayna Event Hall Kyiv, Stepana Bandery Avenue, 23
from 13.61 EUR
from 13.61 EUR


Celestial w / Rebekah in Kyiv - photo #1 Celestial w / Rebekah у Києві

About event

Attention! Due to technical difficulties, the event is being transferred to the new location of the Pochayna Event Hall.

On Friday, October 12, 2018, Rebekah will visit Kiev with his vision of dark and ominous techno. The company she will make Under Black Helmet - DJ and producer with whose work are considered Jeff Mills, Dax J, Tommy Four Seven and other giants of the global industrial scene.

Each artist is obliged to evolve, regardless of the sphere in which he realizes himself. Certain qualities and goals are inherent in creative people. Their character is rooted in the need to break all boundaries, to experience new impressions, to spread influence, and it craves embodiment. Rebekah found herself in such a creative position at the beginning of 2016, and having found herself real, she released her debut album on the Soma Quality Recordings label in April 2017. The record called Fear Paralysis has a deep emotional expression and autobiographical character.

Under Black Helmet is a modern idol industrial. His work originated under the wing and in the spirit of Moerbeck's own label “Code Is Law”. A real breakthrough into the world of mysterious dance music was presented to him by MORD, where in 2017 “I Was Laid-Back A Sinner Of Sorts” EP was released. Our hero's rapid career is surprising: in addition to playing all-night sets and very close to Moerbeck, his name is on a par with such giants as Dax J, Phase Fatale, Stanislav Tolkachev and Kobosil, and creativity is supported by Jeff Mills, Tommy Four Seven and Rebekah. All this suggests that Under Black Helmet captures the hidden reality of modern techno.

The Ukrainian part of the Celestial formation will complement the night with its support, namely: Nastya Muravyova, 909Machine, Terawax and Recid. The opening of the event will provide its live v.gnatenko from Kiev label Progressive Future, speaking at the scheme.

Face control
Photo, video shooting is prohibited. Beginning at 22:00.

Location: Stepan Bandery Avenue, 23, m. Pochaina (formerly Petrovka metro station), on the side of the GORODOK shopping center

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