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2 March 2020, Mon. 19:00
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from 15.00 EUR
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Why visit a Celtic Legends concert?

1. Unique Irish dance show - traditional music, lively sound, bright costumes and incredible rhythms!
2. Two hours of extravaganza of dance and music, filled with a wealth of Irish talent.
3. Combining tradition and the latest technical achievements, a thousand-year history comes to life on the stage in the light of the most daring ideas about stage shows of our days.

In 2001, in Ireland, on the pristine, beautiful hills of Connemara, the Celtic Legends dance group began their tour around the world. The performance, consisting of traditional Irish dances and music, was seen in almost all corners of our planet. All music is performed live!

The sound of traditional Irish musical instruments - the violin with its crazy trill, the Celtic drum, which sets the rhythm for the whole orchestra, and the sad tunes of the Irish bagpipe, as well as the incendiary dances that return us to the roots of ancient traditions, so heat the atmosphere that the audience seems to be in the oldest Ireland, with its life, culture, music and its own incomparable heartbeat.

Dancers conquer the stage with beautiful lightning movements. All of them have been dancing since childhood, and have been repeatedly awarded at various championships, and also participated in tours with such performers as Riverdance or Lord of the Dance.

Recently, Irish dances have been experiencing a new dawn along with the already mentioned Irish troupes, but it is Celtic Legends who tries to reproduce the most ancient form of this art, plunging into it to its very roots. Celtic Legends are beautiful traditional dances echoed by the sounds of beautiful live music. Complex group numbers are enriched with solo parts, which become the decoration of the performance - traditionally Irish, lively, colorful and truly unforgettable!