Black Square: Who wants whom ...?

22 October 2019, Tue. 19:30
ATLAS Kyiv, Sichovykh Striltsiv 37-41
from 6.00 EUR
from 6.00 EUR

About event

Performances about the relationship between a man and a woman, because this topic is close to everyone and everyone.

The play “Who wants whom ...?” Is not an exception, but rather a confirmation. It is about random and nonrandom encounters and amazing sequels; about feelings that require radical changes (from the legendary project "Before and After Sex").

The performance is sketchy, bright, incredibly funny, but also lyrical at the same time as Alexei Kurilko himself, who falls in love with himself from the first second! And also - wonderful Irina Kogut.

There are a lot of funny performances in the theater, but this performance - like a thermonuclear bomb, will “tear” your smile to pieces. After viewing, the muscles of the face will feel the sweet pain of continuous laughter. We warned you ...

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