Chekhov on Theater Square

7 June 2020, Sun. 19:00
Kyiv fortress Kyiv, Login with b-ra Lesia Ukrainka 12-14
from 5.00 EUR
from 5.00 EUR


Chekhov on Theater Square in Kyiv - photo #1 chehov_kievskaya-krepost_070620201900_985

About event

The play "On the dangers of tobacco" by Anton Pavlovich Chekhov performed by OLEG SHUSHPANNIKOV is one of the best incarnations of Nyukhin on the world stage.

The performance is a participant of two International Theater Festivals in Romania (May 2018), the International Theater Festival in Albania (June 2018), Solo Plays Fest (May 2019), the International Theater Festival in Bulgaria (June 2019)

Joke - the comedy "The Bear", perhaps, does not require additional performance
“... Chekhov once, got up from his chair, picked up a thin notebook from the table and, standing in the middle of the room, gesturing, changing his voice, read us a very lively and funny play. It was the Bear he had just finished. Chekhov read masterfully ...; he read the whole play freely, without panting, without falling from his voice ... ”The writer was reading the play, and Chekhov rarely read it aloud, indicating the great importance he attached to this play. The comedy "Bear" had a huge number of dramatizations, and then adaptations. The success of the play helped Chekhov to improve the financial situation of his family. He joked: “My“ Bear ”should be called“ Cash Cow ”
We treat pancakes!

We have previously shown performances in the open air, not suspecting that someday such events will take on a completely different meaning.
So, to the possibility of working indoors (for the time being, it will be June 11-15), we will show performances on the unique square of the Kiev Fortress - of course, subject to all safety measures and with all precautions: the distance between the audience, the distance between the audience and actors and other established necessary conditions. Therefore, you can safely come to us, including with children. After all, life goes on! AND THEATER FOREVER!

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