Black square. Looking for a husband for every day

18 June 2019, Tue. 19:30
ATLAS Kyiv, Sichovykh Striltsiv 37-41
from 6.00 EUR
from 6.00 EUR
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About event

Why it is worth going on "Looking for a husband for every day"?

1. The modern version of the bored "sitcoms".
2. Light performance, which will leave behind only pleasant emotions.
3. Exactly what you need after a busy day at work.

Lyrical comedy
About love. Good unobtrusively.

Love is different and each has its own and manifests itself in its own way!

Love is. She lives in us. For her, people are willing to do just crazy and unreal things. And how little time is needed to understand and feel "what is love? And what does it eat with? !!".
Very easy and pleasant performance, where there are no extra storylines. Suitable for those people who love romance (on the verge of a fairy tale) and happy endy.
Without vulgarity, but with erotic moments, without a huge philosophical meaning, but the themes of the performance are close to each of us.
Bright and pleasant emotions left after viewing. The plot is not as simple as it may seem and this is his trick.
"Looking for a husband for every day" - exactly what you need after a hard day's work to relax your soul. It looks easy, it does not burden too much, with humor, order, there are vital, there are fabulous moments.

A wonderful cast, a male striptease without music, a special intellectual humor, a wonderful musical background, of course, the love with which the actors play will give you an unexpected holiday.