Black square. Day of theatrical humor

18 July 2019, Thu. 20:00
Summer theater Morvokzal Odessa, Prymorska St, 6
from 6.33 EUR
from 6.33 EUR

About event

Why go to the Black Square?

1. Fans of humor, especially black, will be able to laugh heartily.
2. "Black Square", as always, honestly and easily reveal the most naughty and relevant topics.
3. The evening spent in the company of the actors of the “Cheka” is always bright and unforgettable.

Summer Tetrov Sea Station: frankly about the "IT". July 18 at 20.00 on the platform of the Summer Theater of the Sea Station will be the day of theatrical humor from the theater-studio "Black Square".

During one evening, "Black Square" on the platform of the Summer Theater Maritime Station will show just three performances. "21 minutes before and after sex", "Who wants whom" and "Improvisation for adults". Each performance is a separate ironic story about gender relations. So frankly, no one dared to speak of “this” before the Square.

In 1992, Black Square swung at improvisation, while the almost unknown and unpopular theatrical genre. For more than 20 years it was the only improvisation theater in Ukraine. Today, the theater-studio "Black Square" is considered to be the founder of improvisation in Ukraine.

“21 Minutes Before and After Sex” is one of the most daring and popular tetra projects. The leading artists of the Square, Vladimir Shumko and Irina Gatun, are participating in this production. Yes, we’ll talk about sex and have a frank conversation. This story is about how you wanted, but did not work out, or happened, but not so.

Sex in this project is not so much a popular topic as a way to understand your relationship with the world. And, more importantly, with yourself. The creators are sincerely trying to help each viewer to understand himself, his problems, fears, phobias, desires, arousal, and even, in physiology.

But still, I would like to remind you that “Before and After Sex” is, first of all, performances for adults.

“Who wants whom?” - a play about the relationship between a man and a woman. It is about random non-random encounters and amazing sequels, about cooled feelings that require radical changes. In "Who wants whom" they talk about the present and are not shy about expressions. The performance is sketchy, bright, incredibly funny, but also lyrical at the same time, like Alexei Kurilko himself, who twists the energy vortex of the scene from the first second and holds it up to the last moment. Irina Kogut is not inferior to Alexey.

Improvisation for adults - unpredictable, bright, clever, funny, energetic, frankly, amazing.

“Improvisation for Adults” is a unique project that combines a theater, legendary Broadway improvisational shows, interactive communication with the audience and - most importantly - the creation of a performance here and now.

This is a fascinating action without a script, where viewers become the main dramatists. They decide: where and in what roles will the actors be in the next second. And the task of the actors is to vividly develop the idea of the viewer in order to get a full-fledged work of art.

Leading actors and actresses of the “Black Square” theater, residents of the first improvised show of Ukraine “Sexual Fiction” take part in the project.

The repertoire of "Black Square" has many funny performances, by and large there are no funny ones at all, but this performance is like a thermonuclear bomb. After viewing, it is possible that the muscles in your face will experience sweet pain from nonstop laughter.

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