Red violin

1 November 2020, Sun. 19:00
Freedom Hall Kyiv, Kyrylovska street, 134
from 21.67 EUR
from 21.67 EUR
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Red violin in Kyiv - photo #1 Червона скрипка у Києві
Red violin in Kyiv - photo #2 Червона скрипка у Києві афіша
Red violin in Kyiv - photo #3 Червона скрипка у Києві квитки
Red violin in Kyiv - photo #4 Червона скрипка у Києві на

About event

On November 1 at the Freedom Hall in Kiev, you can hear and see the same "Red Violin" by Antonio Stradivari. One of the most expensive and well-known instruments in the world will now welcome the concert to the capital of Ukraine.

Red Violin is a masterpiece of musical instruments

Connoisseurs of music history have repeatedly heard of "Red Violin" or "Mendelssohn's Violin". Her charming sound is legendary, and her story cannot leave anyone indifferent. For a long time the tool was considered lost. Then it became something mystical, exceptional.

At the heart of the instrument is a structure, varnish and material that are different from their counterparts in other violins. This allows the Red Mendelssohn to sound different, to create vibrations that will subdue the listener even more. That is why it is worth attending a concert. You will never hear such a violin anywhere else.

Soloist and orchestra

Elizabeth Pitkern is the owner of Mendelssohn and a wonderful violinist. She tours the world and generously gives people the unique sound of her instrument. She is invited by the world's largest scenes, including Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center and others.

Now Elizabeth and her mysterious violin can be heard in Freedom Hall. She is accompanied by the only Slobozhansky Kharkiv Youth Academic Symphony Orchestra in Ukraine. Under the guidance of conductor Sergiy Likhomanenko, the orchestra will build a charming bridge between the spectators and the mysterious world of one of Antonio Stradivari's greatest masterpieces.

Red Violin Oscar-winning movie

The true popularity of this instrument came after the filming of the film of the same name. It reflects the history of the violin, which, in real life, has been a mystery for a very long time. It is this film that has told the public about such a wonderful and historically valuable instrument.

You can now hear the Red Violin live. Tickets from 650 UAH.