Four reasons to get married

5 October 2019, Sat. 19:00
from 2.00 EUR
from 2.00 EUR

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Why go to the play "Four Reasons to Get Married"?

1. This production is an excellent cure for the blues.
2. Witty dialogs that bring good mood and aesthetic pleasure.
3. Played ensemble cast.

Christina lost her husband a year ago. And now the widow decided to move to another city. Can anyone have any objections?

It turns out yes. German is an old friend of her family and, by the way, is also a widower who knows what to object to. What does he have as many as four arguments. He attacks Christine with “compelling” and very unexpected reasons for marriage. But German will have to work hard to break the prejudices and stereotypes of the heroine. True, the workers from the transport company "Your Home" also have reasons for bewilderment. To carry out things of the customer or unpack the packed belongings? Come to the play to find out if Herman can stop Christina from leaving.

The production is based on the play "Tustep on the background of suitcases" by the American playwright Richard Baer. The premiere of this comedy about love took place at the Theater on the Left Bank in 2011. Stage Director: Andrey Kritenko. Duration - 1 hour 35 minutes.

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Four reasons to get married

25 October 2019 19:00

Kyiv Theater of Drama and Comedy on the left bank of the Dnipro, Kyiv

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