Masculine, singular

17 February 2020, Mon. 19:00
from 5.00 EUR
from 5.00 EUR

About event

Why go to the play "Masculine, singular"?

1. Watch a very New Year’s play and catch his mood.
2. Laugh heartily!
3. Ensure the power of maternal love.

Rather, seize the moment and take tickets. We are waiting for you at the Bravo Theater!

“Male gender, singular” (or “Do not believe your eyes”) is a performance from the Bravo Drama Theater. The production is based on the brilliant work of Maurice Lasegue and Jean-Jacques Bricher, famous French writers.

This is a real performance-holiday, which is probably why this causes the audience a strong association with the New Year. The production is full of sparkling humor. And that means that it is simply registered for those who have been tortured with pre-holiday spleen and need a “vaccination” of good emotions. Light comedy of situations instantly cheer up! Delicious jokes and excellent acting images will make you forget about everything in two actions.

So, the plot of the play is quite incredible. An impressive man in his years, Frank Harder is a colonel in the American army. Who would have thought that he was a transvestite and the mother of a young Frenchman named Louis. Frank changed his name, place of residence and even gender, but his maternal instinct beckons him back to France.

But how will her ex-husband, close friend and son react to such an extravagant appearance of Maria-Louise (Frank)? The intrigue will unfold on the performance.

Farce, the desire for a dream, the desire to love and be loved, the frenzy of the world ... In this production - everything is full! Come - it will be incredibly funny, interesting and unusual!

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