My wife's husband

31 January 2019, Thu. 19:00
Palace of Culture. T.Shevchenko Truskavets, square Kobzar, 8
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from 3.64 EUR
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Why go to the play "My Wife's Husband"?

1. Laugh from the heart.
2. See the brilliant game of your favorite actors.
3. Cheer yourself up the week ahead!

We invite you to the comedy play “My Wife's Husband”. An intriguing title, a galaxy of talented actors and a great mood - for you!

The inimitable play of the actors, the original directorial approach and the imagination of the author of the comedy will make the public cry and laugh, worry about the fate of the characters and rejoice at their success. A storm of emotions will overwhelm the theater hall and enthrall the audience along with the performers in the stunning world of theater art.

In the comedy performance of the Croatian playwright M. Gavran, everything is intertwined with a whole range of feelings and experiences - jealousy, laughter and tears, love and betrayal. An intriguing plot keeps the viewer's attention, not giving a second to break away from viewing. The finale of the play is stunning and completely unexpected.

The play deals with a seemingly simple conductor, beloved and loving wife. Draghitsa, that is the name of the heroine, is constantly on the road, so a caring and attentive husband is always looking forward to her return. So this time, in anticipation of his beloved, the man prepares delicious dishes, cleans up the house and here ...

A stranger appears on the doorstep who claims to be a close relative of Draghita. The husband has a completely natural question why, after so many years of marriage, he first sees and learns about the existence of relatives. After some trial, the news is stunning. The stranger, indeed, is a relative of his wife ... and, indeed, close ... even too close! He is the husband of the wife! But this is not all ... It turns out that Draghitsa still has a daughter ...

It would seem that this is more a plot for a dramatic story. However, from this moment begins the real comedic story. As long as there are no husbands wives, they decide how family life will be arranged further. Who should stay with Draghitsa, who has more rights to it. But then the culprit of the events that happened. And again the tangle of entangled relationships begins to twist all tighter.

If you have not seen a light, bright, intriguing comedy in a long time, then you just have to buy tickets for the play “My Wife's Husband”. This is exactly the play that you have been waiting for, which will make you forget the gray days, and leave a lot of incredible impressions. You will certainly want to share these impressions again and again with friends and acquaintances.

Director: Honored Artist of Ukraine Valery Astakhov
Artistic Director: People's Artist of Ukraine Yevgeny Paperny
Producer: Oleg Shpanchuk

Honored Artist of Ukraine Olesya Zhurakovskaya;
People's Artist of Ukraine Vladimir Goryansky;
Honored Artist of Ukraine Dmitry Lalenkov.