Why are we creative?

1 February 2020, Sat. 17:00
Kinopalats Kopernik Lviv, Kopernika St. 9
from 2.33 EUR
from 2.33 EUR

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Why are we creative? / Why Are We Creative?

Director: Herman Waske
Germany / 2018/84 min. / documentary
Cast: Björk, Marina Abramovich, Ai Weiwei, YokoOno, Takeshi Kitano, David Bowie, Nick Cave, WimWenders and others.

Not a single scientist has yet managed to put the phenomenon of creativity on the shelves and explain where our creativity comes from, how to control, develop and stimulate it. The author of the opening film, Hermann Vaske, also asked this question and decided on his own research.

For more than thirty years, the director has been collecting interviews with artists and thinkers, including Nobel Prize winners and Oscars, stars of fine art, music, film production, literature, philosophy, politics, business and science. He asked all of them one question: "Why are you creative?"

How embarrassed, laughed, but ultimately answer this question, Quentin Tarantino, David Lynch, Damien Hirst, Marina Abramovich, Yoko Ono, Takeshi Kitano, David Bowie and others you can see at the Kinove Festival of Intellectual and Aesthetic Cinema.

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