Chorea Kozacky. De libertate

20 September 2018, Thu. 17:00
!FESTRepublic Lviv, Staroseneskaya st., 24-26
from 4.55 EUR
from 4.55 EUR

About event

Why go to the concert of the group Chorea Kozacky?

1. Go through centuries of cultural, song and musical traditions of Ukrainians.
2. To hear De Libertate - Horei Cossack's Freedom album - the greatest value for every person and people around the world.
3. To learn about the variety of musical works performed by the band: dumas, ballads, historical and rebel songs, heroic marches, hymns, psalms, cants, spiritual concerts.

Chorea Kozacky is a band that, with its elegant elegance, will spend you through centuries of cultural, song, and musical traditions.

More than 200 songs and musical compositions covering the time space of Rus-Ukraine from the Middle Ages, Renaissance, Baroque, Classicism, Romanticism, works of the twentieth century up to modern Ukraine, are included in the collection of Chorea Kozacky. Most of the old works in the repertoire of the collective are unique musical sights, the result of a complex multi-month, and sometimes long-term, search work in archives and expeditions.

Each performance by Chorea Kozacky is always a small discovery of the world. What only is the opportunity to hear such a variety of rare musical instruments. This is the old-world bandura, and the kobza, and the lute, the wheel lyre, the violin, the pandora, the shalmai, the cornet (zinc), the lizard, the chalumeum, the bass, the fidel, the dude, the percussion, the whole family of copulative, baroque traverses of the flute, the violet, the drum, the bubo . At the same time, some of them are original ancient instruments, some of which are made by the same musicians on a long-standing basis.

Chorea Kozacky's work aims to testify to the depth, world level and beauty of Ukrainian culture. And as far as she can, judge you.

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