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Black square. You are my everything

15 February 2024, Thu. 18:00-20:00
Ukrainian theater Odesa, st. Pastera, 15
from 290 ₴
from 290 ₴

About event

Black square. You are my everything in Odesa is possible thanks to The Armed Forces of Ukraine! Don`t miss 2024-02-15 в 18:00 on the Ukrainian theater, Odesa.
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This is a new version of an old hit that has been tested for decades.

Just like in the first performance, sharp jokes, a coherent plot and a beautiful, memorable finale. The material of the performance remained the same, but when it was transferred to a new team of actors, it was improved, "upgraded" and it turned out amazing!

If you saw "You are my everything" (the first version), no matter how strange it may seem, "You are my everything-2" with new actors will cause you crazy delight. From knowledge and surprise.

A separate and impossible case for other theaters is when the same play performed by other actors becomes a new play. When the replacement of actors is not for external reasons, but because of joy and excitement, that "the same thing" is also possible "in another way".

It has a light atmosphere, not devoid of life's difficulties and clashes, as well as unusual and bright characters. Good funny dialogues that provide a cheerful mood throughout the play. What about sex itself? He is. Absolutely frank maxims with brilliant figurative humor.

"You are my EVERYTHING" is a fairy tale. In reality, this does not happen, and if it does, it is so rare that it is equivalent to the fact that it does not happen. This is an idealized, incredible, dizzying story, which is pleasant and should be watched in the evening with a friend or a young person. Because after the performance there is a risk of discussing it until the morning. Desire and understanding, trust and jealousy - these topics are close to any viewer and you can say that this sexual fairy tale is about you.

The performance as a whole is not for once, and you may have a desire to watch it again and again.

"You are my EVERYTHING" - about Love. And strong love is felt throughout the performance, you will sympathize with the characters and feel for them. Although you can still guess how it will end. But this is not a fact either.

If you want to laugh heartily and get emotional without tension - this performance is for you.

Starring: Volodymyr Shumko, Anna Shumko

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