Black Square "Concern Concerned or A la Male 2"

3 August 2019, Sat. 19:00
Jewish Cultural Center Odessa, st. Nezhinskaya 77/79
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from 6.00 EUR
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About event

Comedy from the Kiev theater "Black Square" - "Concerned Picnic"!

A bucket of subtle humor, two teaspoons of sensible cynicism and a pinch of soulful lyrics - in a hit cocktail from "Black Square".

Watch and enjoy.

Three charming mischievous men - Slava, Misha and Seryozha - decided to merge with nature in order to continue the eternal search for love, sex and family happiness in the company of their ladies. But is it possible to get all three options in one package? And what will you have to pay? How to protect yourself from your beloved if she crosses the "line"? How not to break the bonds of the strongest friendship? How to say what to say is not worth it? But really want.

The fallen heroes of the play “A la Male, or All That Move” are back. However, the first and second performances are interconnected only by common characters. And the story, the scene and the proposed circumstances are different. So you can, and need to safely go to any of these performances. For enjoyment, the sequence of viewing does not matter.

Well, and a big plus of the performance is an unexpected transition from a comedy to a touching drama. A scene with a candle, a declaration of love is so touching and beautiful. Here you can laugh to tears, and cry smiling.