Kiss me, Kate!

1 December 2018, Sat. 19:00
from 1.00 EUR
from 1.00 EUR


Kiss me, Kate! in Kyiv - photo #1 Цілуй мене, Кет! у Києві
Kiss me, Kate! in Kyiv - photo #2 Цілуй мене, Кет! у Києві афіша
Kiss me, Kate! in Kyiv - photo #3 Цілуй мене, Кет! у Києві квитки
Kiss me, Kate! in Kyiv - photo #4 Цілуй мене, Кет! у Києві на

About event

The musical of the famous American composer Cole Porter, "Kiss me, Ket!" Stood on more than a thousand performances on Broadway and over 400 - in London, not for nothing.

This is an extremely interesting and fascinating story about the actors working in the theater on the production of "Tendering Stupid" by W. Shakespeare.

The uniqueness of this story is that the characters of the musical are experiencing the same events as the Shakespeare characters that they play on the stage. The young director will have to make a lot of effort, connect fantasy and ingenuity, to earn the attachment of his jealous and temperamental lover.

The principle of theater production in the theater allows the viewer to look behind the scenes and see the behind-the-scenes intrigues, the prima donna rivalry, official novels and, of course, scenic curiosities! Actors just on the scene find out personal relationships: a scandal closes, the curtain falls, the conductor tries to save the situation with high-volume music, but the noise and cries give out a backstage fights ...

Exclusive translation of the Broadway original retains all humor, dramatic saturation and juicy American performance. The bright costumes made by the well-known Lithuanian artist Vilma Galjakcaite-Dabkiene for the National Operetta, and complex scenery-transformers delicately convey the character of the entire production. And to keep the author's score, the theater bought an English horn.

The premiere of the musical in the National Operetta was held in June 2013. The play is popular with the capital's public, as evidenced by positive reviews and constant sales outlets.

Production group:

Production director - Mr. and. Ukraine Bogdan Strutynsky
Conductor-director - Dmitry Morozov
Choreographer - Vadim Prokopenko
Choreographer, conductor - Igor Yaroshenko
Costume Designer and Costume Designer - Vilma Galjakcaite-Dabkiene (Lithuania)
Artist-designer - Irina Davydenko
Assistant director - director and. Ukraine Mykola Butkovskii
Assistant to choreographer Natalia Skuba

Actors and performers:

FRED GRECHEM, Petruccio - with. and. Ukraine Sergey Avdeev, Yevgeny Prudnyk
LILLI VANESSI, Katarina Minola - with. and. Ukraine Irina Bespalova-Primak, with. and. Ukraine Asya Sereda-Goldun, with. and. Ukraine Tamara Khodakova
LUIS LEON, Mino Beanie - with. and. Ukraine Galina Gregorchak-Odrynska, Olena Arbuzova, Solomiya Prymak
BILL KELCHOUN, LUCHENZO - with. and. Ukraine Arsen Kurbanov, Dmytro Sharaburin
GENERAL HARRISON HOWELL - Mr. and. Ukraine Alexander Kravchenko, Mr. and. Ukraine Serhiy Pavlinov
FIRST GANGSTER, guardian of Katarina - Mr. and. Ukraine Mykola Butkovskii, Sergey Yatsuk
SECOND HANGSTER, Katarina's guardian - Mr. and. Ukraine Serhiy Bondarenko, Cyril Baskovsky
Hitti - with. and. Ukraine Anna Dovbnya
POL - Sergey Belkin
HARRY TREVOR, Baptista Minola - n. and. Ukraine Volodymyr Bogomaz
PPSS - with. and. Ukraine Serhiy Naumov, Anatoliy Pidgorodetsky
LINDA, assistant director - Oksana Prasolova
GREGIO, the first fiancée - Cyril Baskovsky, Alexei Kirillov
GORTENZIO, second fiancée - Vladimir Odinsky, Alexander Chuvpilo
BJONDELLA, maid Petruccio - Anna Koval, Olga Fedorenko
GRUMO, servant of Petruccio - Cyril Baskovsky, Alex Kirillov
Servants of Petruccio, the inhabitants of Padua, scene workers, electricians, wardrobe, theater cleaners in Baltimore -the choirs and ballet theater

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