14 July 2019, Sun. 19:30
Lesia Ukrainka National Academic Theater of Russian Drama Kyiv, vulytsya Bohdana Khmelʹnytsʹkoho, 5
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from 3.00 EUR
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Why go to the play Price?

1. To see the statement with a somewhat philosophical message and many wise thoughts
2. Draw parallels with your family and take a deeper look at the relationships in it.
3. Understand whether to determine the price of your life

The house in which the family of the once-successful businessman Mr Franz, who had gone bankrupt during the years of the “Great Depression”, lived, is now destined to be scrapped. However, in the attic of the house has accumulated a sufficient amount of expensive old furniture that needs to be sold urgently.

It is this acute situation that led to the fact that Victor Franz, his wife Esther, his brother Walter and furniture appraiser Gregory Solomon are found in the parental nest.

The whole atmosphere of the house reminds Victor of the times when he wanted to study science, but was forced to leave the university and go to serve in the police in order to support his sick father. His brother Walter, by contrast, did not sacrifice anything and became a successful surgeon.

They have not seen for 16 years. And now, for the first time since the death of the father, they are talking to each other, trying to determine the real value of their suffering, successes, victories, defeats ... in short, the value of their past life.

Director - Alexander Stepantsov
Scenography - Alexey Vakarchuk
Costume Designer - Valentina Plavun
Translated from English by V. Denisov