Cinema homeland

14 June 2019, Fri. 20:00
from 40.00 EUR
from 40.00 EUR


Cinema homeland in Kyiv - photo #1 Cinema Homeland у Києві
Cinema homeland in Kyiv - photo #2 Cinema Homeland у Києві афіша
Cinema homeland in Kyiv - photo #3 Cinema Homeland у Києві квитки
Cinema homeland in Kyiv - photo #4 Cinema Homeland у Києві на

About event

Why visit Cinema Homeland?

1. Cinema is an explosive two-hour atmosphere: the burning eyes of the masters involved on stage, the admiration and surprise of the audience, the inspiring energy.
2. The Erteqoob team has been preparing for the project throughout the year. Everything is thought out to the smallest detail: from music to light effects, from the stage to the production.
3. If you are for the global development of national culture, join the Erteqoob team.

CINEMA is a creative project, which has no analogues in Ukraine. Once a year, ERTEQOOB gathers the same creative thinking people in one location.

CINEMA is a performance in hairdressing. In real time, creators work with pre-prepared hair. Clothing, shoes and accessories, items and designs are also developed and created by the team. The difference from hairdressing shows is that fashion and trends do not affect the theme of the event. It embodies the most daring ideas, creative creative decisions based on inner feeling, creating a new future of culture. If we draw an analogy with the design of clothing, the salons and academies create a “ready-to-wear”, and CINEMA is “haute couture”.

The idea of creation arose from the creative director Andrei Krupchinsky. Being in the cinema on watching a film, the idea was born to unite people in one space so that in a few hours they could get new information, emotion, inspiration, a topic for communication.
CINEMA premiered in 2015 at the Academy ERTEQOOB Kharkov.

The audience of the first event - 16 practicing hairdressers.

The second CINEMA PUNK event took place in Kiev. The audience grew to 60 people. After a successful meeting, it was decided to create a concept. Relying on their own feelings and strengths, trusting their inner feelings and vision, the creative team engaged in perfecting the idea.
Having a certain experience of holding the event, CINEMA “FUTURE” - 2017 was held at the new IZONE location, the territory of the former factory with an area of 800 square meters, which accommodates over 400 guests.

CINEMA "PLASTIC FANTASTIC" - 2018 gathered more than 1,000 guests. The ERTEQOOB team drew inspiration from artificial materials and forms: vinyl, plastic, synthetics, and their plasticity. Colors - acid shades of yellow, green, orange. Location - IZONE: indoor atmospheric zone and lounge on the street with video broadcasting, drink- corner and food-corner.
The event was attended not only by representatives of hairdressing, but also by other professions. CINEMA brings together talented in its direction thinking people who want global positive changes, looking for inspiration and ideas for the development of the future.

Theme CINEMA -2019 - “HOMELAND”. This year, the team wants to experiment with Ukrainian ethnicity and share its vision and perception of Ukrainian culture. Here we see endless possibilities. Let's look at the result of our fruitful work together on June 14, 2019 at 8 pm.

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