Com truise

6 September 2019, Fri. 19:00
UBK Kyiv, Trukhanov Island (200 m from the pedestrian bridge)
from 21.67 EUR
from 21.67 EUR
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Why go to a com truise concert?

1. Hear the new Persuasion System album live.
2. Dancing on the bank of the Dnieper and an unforgettable atmosphere.
3. The cosmic combination of sound and visual effects.

Com Truise presents the Persuasion System album in Kiev

For nearly a decade, Com Truise’s visionary story has been based on science fiction and abstract facts. His long-awaited LP Iteration (2017) completed the conceptual saga of a space character named Com Truise while simultaneously reflecting the seismic changes in the life of producer and designer Seth Haley (the real name of the musician). The Persuasion System mini-album (2019) Hayley begins a new period - on this planet, in the present, embodying his most ambitious plans. We will hear it already on September 6 in Kiev YuBK.

This project began as an experiment. Haley changed his palette of sound and gave himself more freedom - thus, freed from expectations and gave way to the process, reflecting the tone of his inner circle. “It's like a sad smile goodbye, but at the same time a moment that says,“ Hello, welcome to your life, ”says Haley. The album is dominated by a certain duality - melancholy and optimism, past and present.

The first single, Existence Schematic, of the new record is already available for listening on Soundcloud. “It's like flying at night when you look at the landscapes, see the lights in the form of diagrams and think about who is looking at you from below and thinking about the same thing as me - the influence of existence, the end, the beginning, where everything went and goes now , Says Haley. These are the main existential lines of the Persuasion System album, and Hayley hopes that the listeners will find something for themselves, for their own tension and liberation.