Cosmic Ballade. Concert of Mystical Sound

19 October 2018, Fri. 19:00
from 7.58 EUR
from 7.58 EUR


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About event

Why go to the Cosmic Ballade. Concert of Mystic Sound?

1. Their music penetrates deeply into consciousness and brings calm. Amazing instruments, collected from different corners of our planet, create during the concert a healing sound aura.
2. Bathing in the sounds of gong - is a healing of man at all levels of life: physical, mental, energy.
3. At the concerts of Alicia and Richard, people experience ease and refreshment, enjoying music and being in unity and harmony with the world.

Wherever you go, you're already there ...

"Stop for a moment. You have nowhere to run, there is no hurry. Are you here already. Stop and listen. When you are quiet and your heart is calm, you hear it. The universe gives you the Cosmic Ballad.

The concert of the mystical sound "Cosmic Ballad" is a magical sound journey into the space of the mysterious universe, as well as meeting with the Little Universe in ourselves. Immersing in the sacred sounds that take us there, where ALL has come, extinguishes and fades.

Mysteries of sound performed by Alicia and Richard are always much more than concerts. For many years playing on gongs and numerous archaic instruments, experimenting with sounds, spontaneous improvisation and intuitive singing, the gong masters found their own way, their unique style and sound, filled their concerts with unusual sounds and lyrics. Creating a deep meditative space, they invite participants to the Journey through the worlds, into Heart space and the mysterious Universe. Their music illuminates the hearts, touching the most sensitive strings of the soul.

During the Mysteries, you will vibrate on the cosmic sounds of gongs, crystal singing bowls, the Indian Flute of Love and the nostalgic Arabic flute, the overtones of the Tartar Krog and whistles, the tender Koshi bells, shamanian tambourines, the warps, and other unusual instruments that create the aura of mystery and affect the deepest layers of the subconscious.

During the Mysteries, their author's lyrical compositions will also be heard.

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