Gypsy Baron

2 November 2018, Fri. 18:30
Odessa Academic Theatre of Musical Comedy Odessa, Panteleimonivs'ka St, 3
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About event

Among the works of Strauss, each piece is unique, but the Gypsy Baron is one of the composer’s most famous operettas. It was she who marked the new milestone in the development of the operetta as an independent genre.

On the stage of our theater, the Gypsy Baron was staged twice - in 1971 and 1982 - and was a kind of record holder in the number of performances played.

We invite viewers to enjoy the romance of charm, bliss and passion, violent fun and all-consuming longing that sound in Hungarian and Gypsy melodies skillfully used by Johann Strauss in this operetta. And, as Franz Lehar said, “the magic of his sounds will dry out only when there is no more cheerfulness, when humanity unlearns how to laugh, sing and dance.”

Hopefully this will never happen!