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2 June 2024, Sun. 19:00-21:00
V’YAVA Kyiv, пр. Глушкова, 1
from 750 ₴
from 750 ₴


About event


Since the tickets for our 1.06 concert at the Palace of Ukraine sold out a month before the start, at the numerous requests of our fans, we will play one more additional concert in Kyiv at V'YAVA in the Garden of Desires. This will be an open-air concert, concluding our 2024 spring Ukrainian tour.

Hurry, the number of places is limited. The first 200 tickets to the fan zone cost UAH 750.
If you are a fan of the DahaBrah collective and remember the year of our foundation, then we can count together that this year we are 20. Half of this time we live and work in a country that was attacked by another country. Much bigger, much more powerful and absolutely ruthless and wild.

And it is clear that at all our concerts, both outside our Motherland and on the Ukrainian tour, we will not be able to avoid this topic, because it defines our life and creativity, especially from February 24, 2022. However, we will play for you our best compositions that were invented in 20 years, and it will be especially nice to play compositions written in this year 2024.

We missed our native Ukrainian viewers, and we are happy that this time we will meet you in ten Ukrainian cities. We dream of stable peace and tranquility in our country and admire our heroes who bring our victory closer by their actions and self-sacrifice. Therefore, all the concerts will be charitable, and all the money from our fees will go to the needs of the "Ptahy" fund - https://ptahy.vidchui.org/ Tata Kepler, which has been effectively helping the Ukrainian army for many years.

So, see you, our fearless incredible Ukrainians!


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