5 December 2018, Wed. 19:00
Krivoi Rog
from 7.58 EUR
from 7.58 EUR

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Why is it worth it to go to a Dahа Brahа concert?

1. To see and hear the group representing the culture of our country at the festivals of Glastonbury, Bonnaroo, Sziget and many others
2. Critics in their reviews enthusiastically characterize their activity as an experiment in the field of the cosmology of the human soul
3. Even David Beckham did not resist the enchanting song "Sho-piad oak" and used to advertise his brand

"Daha Braha" is a new word in the history of world music. A project that does not have analogues in the world according to the power of the idea. Which resonantly represents Ukraine abroad.

"DakhaBraha" was created by Vlad Troitsky in the theater "Dah" in the middle of the 2000s. Young musicians instantly worked together.

Today, their assets include a huge number of instruments: bass drums, percussion, flute, pianoforte, cello, djembe, accordion, bugai, ukulele, harmonica, kahon, darbuka, tabla, didgeridoo. And only four pairs of hands cope with this. Three girls and a guy give out an amazingly powerful ethno house. At the same time in their songs there is a call of ancestors, unprecedented in power and drive, they are complex, they have many hidden meanings. And listeners with undisguised pleasure confirm this. Synthesis of song creativity of different nations of the world gives a unique phenomenon. And in sum with subtly chosen charismatic images this creates a unique action.

The first album was released in 2006, last year - their sixth album, called "Shlyakh". The "DakhaBrakha" itself traveled half the world and a little bit more. Branded drums, Hutsul hats and only live sound during the concert create something incredible with listeners. Beyond understanding. On the border with witchcraft. And for this feeling you want to come back again.

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