Dakh Daughters + TseSho

12 September 2018, Wed. 19:00
Green Theater Kyiv, Park Road, 2
from 16.67 EUR
from 16.67 EUR


Dakh Daughters + TseSho in Kyiv - photo #1 picture
Dakh Daughters + TseSho in Kyiv - photo #2 picture
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About event

Dakh Daughters + TseSho at the Green Theater!

Why go to a concert?

1. Incredible combination of music, theater and female charisma.
2. Immediately two topical social projects from the meter of contemporary art The power of Troitsky on one stage.
3. To see the Ukrainian show, which is popular in the European public.

Frik cabaret Dakh Daughters Band are seven talented beauties, actresses of the theater "Dah" Vlad Troitsky. This is fifteen musical instruments, a range of vocals from Ukrainian crying to strict growling and a full range of human emotions. They do not have any songs at all. Each composition is a separate theatrical action with a whirlpool of feelings, touching heroes and incredible stories. Each performance of the team turns into a real theatrical performance - Pathos and deep in meaning at the same time. This is a kind of Ukrainian musical "Voltron", which, united on the stage, always looks in a new way.

TseSho - a new project directed by Vlad Troitsky. This is the Puppet's social cabaret, in which it reflects over what surrounds us every day, but it goes unnoticed. TseSho speak in the problems of modern man. Artists raise the pressing problems of society - they sing both in war and politics, and in human feelings and society's attitude to contemporary realities.
"Assistants" of the performers are their puppet copies, Which help to strengthen the grotesque of the play and visually reproduce the profound meaning of the texts of the artists. CESHO is a mix of theater, social meaning and music - accordion, drums, cello, harmonica and double bass. Artists dance on the table, sing folk and cabaret in Russian and English. By combining music and theater, TseSho reflects in the modern world and the ways of man in it.

Do not miss the incredible show from TseSho and Dakh Daughters at the Green Theater on September 12th.

September 12, 19:00
Green Theater, Park Road, 2!

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