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Dakh Daughters

14 April 2024, Sun. 19:00-21:00
Malevich Concert Arena Lviv, Chornovil Avenue, 2
from 490 ₴
from 490 ₴


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  1. Incredible "Dakh Daughters" with the new program "Peel this rock!"
  2. They fell in love with Paris. Seattle and San Francisco applaud them, The New York Times and Rolling Stone write about them.
  3. A fantastic combination of music, theater and female charisma.

"Peel this rock!"

And we will save Ukraine only when we all peel this rock together!

The only strength is our unity!

We are all side by side, in spite of everything, going to victory and believing in it to the end!

And this is our reality today.

So we need to find beauty in this,

and strength, and love, and in every thing, in a word, in a movement, in a song to find that impulse to...

And each of our coffees in the morning is for a donation

And each mavik, on which everyone threw 10..

And every armored car that did not let a person die..

And every roof that we set up for people, because we lost it...

And Everyone ..everyone...everyone..

Each of us is important)

Each of us is everyone!! Each of us is us!!

Not a drop in the sea, but the ocean in a drop!!!

And everyone is included in the process in their work and does everything they can, know, and know!

And we invite you to play, listen to new, old, rejoice, be sad, sing with us, dance, love and rage, scream and whisper, laugh and think about something deep with us, and of course, from all of that together, raise money for VICTORY )

See you soon, dear people! We are proud that we are and we are all together, and that we stand!!! Glory to Ukraine!

"That's how we all go, tied up in one community


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