26 November 2020, Thu. 19:30
ICCA OCTOBER PALACE Kyiv, aleya Heroyiv Nebesnoyi Sotni, 1
from 16.33 EUR
from 16.33 EUR
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DakhaBraha in Kyiv - photo #1 dakhabrakha_mcki-pu-oktyabrskiy-dvorec_261120201930_403
DakhaBraha in Kyiv - photo #2 dakhabrakha_mcki-pu-oktyabrskiy-dvorec_261120201930_839

About event

DakhaBraha is one of the most famous Ukrainian bands that create music in the style of ethno-chaos in the world. The quartet was founded by Vladislav Troitsky, director of the avant-garde theater "Roof".

In the songs of DakhaBrah, folkloric Ukrainian melodies are skillfully combined with a variety of musical instruments. Flute, piano, bass drums, cello, accordion, harmonica ... And dozens of magical instruments from different corners of the world whose names are not even familiar to many!

The soundtrack to the advertising of David Beckham and the Fargo series, appearances at the world's top festivals, participation in Britain's main music show, live radio on KEXR and NPR ... world.

DakhaBrah's live performances are powerful and vibrant performances that exist at the intersection of concert and theater. Uncompromising vocal range, stage special effects and incredible images - all this turns into a rattlesnake mix that creates ethno-chaos.

We recommend to hear and see live!

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