24 February 2020, Mon. 19:00
from 29.67 EUR
from 29.67 EUR
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About event

Why go to the DachaBrah concert?

1. Visit the grand live show.
2. Hear modern Ukrainian music.
3. See for yourself the incredible performance.

DakhaBrakha became a real musical phenomenon. You heard their songs on the soundtrack of the popular American TV series “Fargo”, in an advertisement by David Beckham - the specialized media readily cover all the team’s victories on the world stage. Not a single group has so delicately and modernly disposed of Ukrainian folklore. Their latest performances proved that not a single concert hall can accommodate everyone, so on February 24, 2020, DakhaBrakha will arrange a grand live show!

The time has come when the Ukrainian listener gets not only reflections on the topic of American pop motives, but self-sufficient groups, among which DakhaBrakha occupy a leading position. This is a new word in the history of world music - no one has so beautifully and loudly turned to the human subconscious and pulled out all the most beautiful things in Ukrainian cultural heritage.

The collective was created within the walls of the “Dakh” theater, so it is not surprising that the musicians are so good at the stage, and each song envelops the authenticity of the Ukrainian melody. Do not miss the grand musical experiment - this is an unforgettable event and one of the main concerts of the 2020 winter season.