Darinka, Grits and unclean power

29 December 2018, Sat. 12:00
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from 0.50 EUR

About event

"Darinka, Grits and Unclean Power" is a fairy-tale funny, with good humor, a fairy tale about the amazing power of love for a loved one, to his own land; about how much weight in life is the native word, language, song.

Darinka's brave and smart girl, traveling in search of her beloved Cossack Gritsa, finds himself in a strange side where the unclean power reigns. Field, forest, meadows, everything is alive around - loud, birds do not sing, people are gloomy and unfriendly. For the strangers who took possession of this land and enslaved his people, even the small bean from the forest swamp - the chap nobody and the devil Did Little Bald, turned into a wicked devil Lucifer Beelzevulsky. Exactly, the handsome guerrilla Grits did not fall to the enemies-basurmans, so Pan and holds him bay in the chains in his palace and mocks him.

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