Dasha, Gregory and evil spirits

6 January 2019, Sun. 12:00
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“Dasha, Grigory and the Unclean Force” is a whimsically cheerful, with a good sense of humor a tale about the amazing power of love for a loved one, for his land; about how much the word, language, song means in life.

The brave and intelligent girl Dasha, traveling in search of her beloved Cossack Gregory, finds herself in a strange place where the Dominant power reigns. The field, the forest, the meadows, all living things around are haggard, the birds do not sing, people are gloomy and inhospitable. For those who took possession of this land, and enslaved his people, even a petty little imp on a forest swamp - a dirty dog and robber, Damn the Bald, turned into the wicked devil Lucifer Beelzebubsky. Only the handsome bogatyr Gregory did not submit to his enemies, because Pan and keeps him shackled in his palace and mocks him.