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4 August 2024, Sun. 19:00-21:00
Дворик МЦКМ (Жовтневий палац) Kyiv, Алея Героїв Небесної Сотні, 1
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About event

Sunset Performance: The muse of romance Darisha invites you to her first solo concert!

Already on May 30, the sixteen-year-old singer Darisha, performer of the military trend "Under the Vinnytsia Rain", will immerse every guest in the retrospective history of her musical journey at the first solo concert in the cozy courtyard of the October Palace.

Two-time winner of the All-Ukrainian charity children's festival "Black Sea Games" Darisha (Darina Krasnovetska) is a new discovery of modern Ukrainian music. At the age of eleven, she won the National Selection of the Children's Eurovision Song Contest 2018 and represented Ukraine on the international stage. In 2017, Darisha became a guest singer on Oleksandr Ponomaryev's tour "Polonila Ty", during which she performed in twenty-four cities of Ukraine. At the age of ten, as part of the MONATIK team, she became a finalist of the fourth season of the "Voice. Children". Two years later, on the first Independence Day of Ukraine under President Volodymyr Zelenskyi, she performed the national anthem on Independence Square and took part in the first season of the Children Against the Stars project, where she sang on the same stage as singer Jamala. Last year, during the MONATIK "ART-Defense" charity tour, Darisha performed with him in Krakow.

So far, the singer has released six singles, two of which were included in the "Top 100 songs of Ukrainian Shazam" playlist, and the February track "Braids" made it to the Spotify playlist - "EQUAL Ukraine". Darisha is currently preparing the premiere of the album, the music producer of which was the singer ADAM. The artist's song "Under the Vinnytsia rain", released in 2023, became a real military trend and collected more than 5,000 military publications on the TikTok network.

The special guest will be the sound producer of all the artist's songs and the author of the hit song "Slowly" ADAM.

During the show, every spectator will be able to enjoy the live performance of musicians, an unexpected visual series and a light show, which will make this evening truly unique!