Deep In Vogue Ball

28 July 2019, Sun. 13:00
Underpub Odessa, Приморская 15/17
from 5.00 EUR
from 5.00 EUR

About event

July 28 in Odessa, in the Underpub will be the most stylish and vibrant dance event of this summer - Vogue Ball Deep In Vogue Ball!

We invite you to plunge all day into the world of motley images, elegant plastics and turbulent emotions. We invite you to the ball.

Dancers and dance groups will fight for the right to be called the best, and to root for the most talented and shocking.

Graceful #vogue dance is gaining momentum!

Spectator entrance - 150 UAH (includes entrance for the whole day of the ball, buffet and avtepati).

Beginning at 13:00. See you at the Underpub.

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