Evgeniy Klopotenko: MAKE IT COOL

19 March 2020, Thu. 19:00
Fedoriv Hub Kyiv, vulytsya Velyka Vasylʹkivsʹka, 5
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from 16.63 EUR
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About event

They often encourage us with successful success, talk about cases, give working strategies, motivate us ... We certainly listen to all this, read, go to events, go to conferences, then all those motivated and charged for success come home, go to bed, wake up and nothing. Everything is like yesterday, everything is new and unchanged. Yes, yes, I understand it like no other.

And I also understand how hard it is to change and work on yourself, so I do not promise you golden mountains. Frankly speaking, this lecture will not change your life. You are unlikely to instantly receive an increase in salary, find a better life partner and create a profitable business. Don't even rely on it. But something useful, I can still teach you.

We all have the potential. It is believed that someone has more, someone less. I think that it is about the same for all of us. The only question is how much we are implementing it. Someone is working on it, and someone does not care about it, that’s the whole difference.

I will talk about three things:

  • How to understand and accept your greatest value
  • How to focus on it and achieve more by doing less
  • About how to take the first step.

The rest is up to you.

All that you read above cannot be called a usual description of a business event, I agree. But I'm not quite ordinary, right? Stop it and you will be ordinary, come to Fedoriv Hub on March 19, we will change together.

Yevgeny Klopotenko is one of the most recognizable culinary experts of Ukraine, co-founder of the restaurant “100 rock ahead”, the author of the popular culinary site klopotenko.com in Ukraine. In 2015, Eugene announced his intention to improve the food culture in Ukraine, and today he is the author of the project "New School Nutrition", within the framework of which he created a new collection of recipes for educational institutions of Ukraine. Eugene founded the company for the production of preserves and sauces "Confiture Gastromeister, and is also a permanent expert of the program “Snіdanok z 1 + 1”, which teaches viewers to cook easily and tasty. Since 2019, she is a member of the jury of the Salt National Restaurant Award.