DERO GOI (Oomph!)

10 October 2020, Sat. 20:00
Хrystofor Lviv, Ivan Franko Street, 3
from 11.67 EUR
from 11.67 EUR
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DERO GOI (Oomph!) in Lviv - photo #1 DERO GOI (Oomph!) у Львові
DERO GOI (Oomph!) in Lviv - photo #2 DERO GOI (Oomph!) у Львові афіша

About event

Extravagant DERO GOI (OOMPH!) In Lviv! March 13, 2020 on the stage of Xrystofor!

Why is it worth going to DERO GOI show?

1. To see on your own eyes the expressive performance of a talented musician.
2. Light up on a dance floor with the DJ-set of the German experimenter.
3. Celebrate the beginning of spring and melt the snow with the energy of this really hot party.

Originally from childhood

From childhood, Dero was fond of music. His father was singing and playing guitar, which is why, as a young boy, Dero Goi played Elvis Presley songs at family holidays. The real name of DERO GOI is Stephan Musiol.

Special = good

Since 1989, Dero Goi has been the lead singer and founder of the German rock band Oomph!. He became the founder of Neue Deutsche Härte, one of the areas of German industrial metal. As for the band's name, Dero says:

Because it was so strange to see that the name like that is existing. You know, with the two "o"s and the exclamation mark at the end. It was strange, you know, the visual aspect and pronunciation. And, you know, it’s always good to have a name where somebody is like "What was that?"... Your name has to be special. And this is a special name, definitely.

A special DJ set by DERO GOI on the Xrystofor stage in Lviv

The expressive performances of the band and the appearance of the vocalist prove that each show is something special. Therefore, we sincerely encourage you to visit the artist's performance in Lviv and light the dance floor for his DJ set. Bright evening with bright DERO GOI – the best remedy for vitamin deficiency and boredom! Also for everyone there is an autograph session.

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