Digitalization Vol 2

16 - 17 November 2018 09:00
from 45.45 EUR
from 45.45 EUR
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About event

95% of startups have digital business plans, compared to 87% of traditional businesses founded 50 years ago or later. The digital revolution is already evident and indisputable. It would be surprising to assume that in the new digital economy you can work on the basis of the old business model.

On November 15th, FEDORIV Hub will host Digitalization conference, where we will talk about real cases, digital solutions and results for those who are looking for new opportunities for business change.

For whom is this event? For business owners, top managers, marketers and digital professionals who understand that they need to adapt to the conditions of the modern world, change their business and build a future.

Experts from digital agencies and representatives of leading Ukrainian companies will share their experience and ideas on the application of digital technologies in the field of making management decisions, building communication between the consumer and the brand, innovations and automation.

- Maxim Bakhmatov, Managing Partner of UNIT.City, Chairman of the Board of Radar Tech.
- Andriy Shatyrko , owner of the Shatyrko Digital Agency, a YouTube-experienced 5-year-old specialist.
Topic: How to build a personal brand or promote a business on YouTube?
- Dmitry Derkach, Anthony Kozlovsky, Denis Savchenko, Planet Kino.
Topic: How to prove to investors that my new apartment in the center of Kiev is not priced for marketing for 300 thousand dollars.
- Andrei Krupkin, founder of Andrey Krupkin's sales office.
Topic: How to build a system sales department in the decade-era. Examples of case studies from online and offline niches.

Digitalization at FEDORIV Hub will, without a doubt, be the best in its field.

Welcome to Digital!