WILDER FOREVER or what men are silent about

27 August 2019, Tue. 19:00
Clown house Odessa, st. Olgievskaya 23
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from 8.00 EUR
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Why is it worth to go to the play "WILD WILDEREER or what men are silent about"?

1. The most long-running production of Broadway.
2. Nonbanal genre of mono-performance in stand-up style.
3. Boris Barsky in the title role.

For centuries, women have wondered: what are men really thinking about? The answer is found! But you are very surprised by its ambiguity. And what men are silent about - this is generally a separate conversation!

“What men are silent about” is an incredible attempt by comedian Rob Becker to answer questions that worry us the most. The American actor, and in combination the family psychologist, came so close to the truth that his play not only lasted record time on the stages of Broadway and Vegas, but was also awarded the "Olivier Awards" and even hit the pages of the Theatrical Record Book.

A unique one-man show in the stand-up genre is a fascinating monologue in which the whole absurdity of conflicts in the game is outplayed. The performance, despite the ease and fun, has an important goal - the reconciliation of the opposite sex and the opportunity to make their lives a little more fun and harmonious.