Diction and voice. Master Class

21 September 2019, Sat. 14:00
Mala Opera Kyiv, Dehtiarivska St, 5
from 10.00 EUR
from 10.00 EUR

About event

Why is it worth going to the Diction + voice master class?

1. You will be able to independently determine the main problem in your sounding speech
2. Improve the quality of your speech
3.100% practice

A master class for those whose work is connected, or will be connected, with a public speech, as well as for everyone interested in the quality of their sounding speech.

Diction and voice - practical lesson:
- How to identify your speech-voice problems;
- How to change bad speech habits;
- How to stop swallowing words and endings;
- How to achieve clarity of speech;
- How to improve your voice;
- How to build steps to change diction and voice;
- “Diction + voice” is a huge motivational impetus to improve speech;
- From a dream to a real thing! You will take the first concrete step to improve your diction and voice.

To achieve your goal of improving diction and voice, you:
- Identify the main problem in your sounding speech;
- Make a clear plan of work on the speech apparatus;
- Define a specific time for which, you can change your speech;
- Assemble a support team in the person of relatives, friends or work colleagues, with them you will share your achievements and successes in working on a speech;
- Evaluate the significance of your work on the speech and understand who, besides you, will benefit from your good diction and voice.

What will be at the training:
- Your speech, voice problems will be diagnosed;
- Basic technical tools for working on speech and voice techniques will be developed;
- Practical recommendations will be given for independent work on speech.

What techniques are used:
- In the work on diction, the author’s methodology is used by A. V. Kolenko, the classical method of “mechanical repetition”, as well as the “game method”;
- In the work on the voice, the method proposed by Eduard Mikhailovich Chareli is used.

Duration: 3 hours
Working languages: Ukrainian, Russian.

Training will be useful for everyone, but there is a limitation:
- children under 12 years old;
- people who do not have a personal desire to participate in the master class.

Kolenko Anfisa Vladimirovna - senior teacher of the stage speech department of the Kiev National University of Theater, Film and Television named after I.K. Karpenko-Kary. 12 years of scientific and pedagogical experience working with future theater and film actors.

Author and trainer of various master classes and trainings in speech technique and acting. He is the author of 16 scientific publications on acting pedagogy, which are published by Ukrainian and international scientific and pedagogical magazines: Molodiy Vvecheniy, Obrii, Internauka, Scientific Review, Osvitniy Discourse ta іn.

Participant of international scientific conferences, in particular: "I International Youth Conference" Prospects for Science and Education "New York. USA.
II "International Scientific and Practical Conference" Modern Methodology of Science And Education "Warsaw. Poland.
II International Scientific Conference "INTERNATIONAL TRENDS IN SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY" Warsaw. Poland.

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