4 June 2019, Tue. 19:00
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from 1.36 EUR
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Why go to the play "Savage"?

1. The statement will tell about deep truths in our consciousness.
2. The performance can be called melodramatic, and romantic, and comedy.
3. During these 2 hours you will be sad and think, then laugh heartily.

Young Pablo is 24 years old. Since childhood, he grew up away from society - in the mountains, so it is not surprising that he looks like an uncouth savage. And just completely unprepared for a difficult meeting with civilization.

His guardians are his aunts, who invite a young teacher from the city. Having made such a decision, they could not even think what incredible events this would lead to. After all, our heroes are waiting for trials of betrayal, hatred, love. This is the sinuous, multilayered, romantically sublime way of the characters. Sometimes he's funny and funny. But in any case difficult.

And this way is moving from the point of "alertness and rejection" to the point of "intimacy and sincere love." Laconic scenery, brilliant play of actors and an exciting storyline ... But the main thing is that all of this is based on the awareness of simple and deep truth: the meaning of human existence can be expressed in three words. Life, Death, Love. The musical decision and the production of the play - Alexey Lisovets.